Jobjet now offers an exciting option for those of you who already have existing candidate pipelines outside of the Jobjet system. Jobjet’s new API allows you to enrich candidate profiles, which are in your existing candidate databases, with updated and relevant candidate data. It only takes a few steps and your resulting data will be usable and ready with no extra work on your part.

Say goodbye to unusable, outdated candidate contact information and profile data with the Jobjet API

Update a few candidates or take an entire database of your sourced candidates and ensure that their contact information is updated and ready to be used in just a few steps. This is a great feature for any recruiter who wants to update weeks, months or years of work without any extra hassle. Good candidate data without wasting any of your time… what’s not to love?

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Some questions and answers about the Jobjet API

How do I get my personal API key?

Simply contact one of our sales reps to request your API key. We’ll be happy to grant you access just as soon as you need it.

How much does candidate data enrichment cost?

Enrichment is charged on a per-candidate basis with the use of credits. Every credit is worth one fully enriched candidate profile (and all of the valuable contact information that comes with it). In other words, you only pay for what you get and you’re never charged for only the search request.

What is the authentication process for the Jobjet API?

The Jobjet API supports simple, API-key driven authentication that doesn’t require a complex series of authentication steps.

Who is responsible for the security of my key once its made?

Once we generate a custom API key and hand it over to you, you’re responsible for the security of the key. We never share that key with anyone and we’ll be happy to help you quickly fix any problems if you think that your key has been lost, stolen or accessed by any unauthorized persons.

We take the protection and validity of our (and your) data very seriously.

Will anyone from Jobjet help me if I have questions about the Jobjet API?

Yes, the Jobjet sales team is always available to answer your questions. If we can’t immediately help you, we’ll quickly connect you with the Jobjet genius who can.

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Ready to enrich your candidate data with verified information?

Contact our sales team today to set up your Jobjet API. Not a Jobjet user yet? Now would be a brilliant time to start finding and contacting qualified candidates fast with Jobjet’s powerful Chrome Extension and messaging tools. Give it a try today!


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